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bungee 1 person


One person bungee trampoline is great investment for a smaller places or indoor. It's very easy to set up (one person 2 hours)



For transport : 4,0 long , 2m high, 3m wide , weight 400 kg
Built up : 6m high , 5m long , 6m wide  weight 400 kg

     __________________________________________________________________________________________________   CONSTRUCTION

80% made of steel construction coated with zing (even inside!) it's splitted for easy transportation. 20% made of aluminium (special strong alloy - 6005A made by SAPA group).
The whole construction is made according to technical calculations.
The complete unit has CE certificate.


Trampoline Beds

The trampoline beds (4.35 m , 14ft) consist of a galvanised steel frame (won’t rust like some cheaper materials and won’t puncture as is possible with inflatable trampolines) with the UV resistant spring mat being attached all the way round with springs.  Around the galvanised steel frame is a padded cover to protect the jumpers’ feet (blue).  This is easily detachable if you want or can be easily folded away with the trampoline bed. 


Tower poles

The tower poles are in two halves and slot easily together to be secured to the base.  The tower poles have now been given extra strength by additional sleeving inside. There are 4 aluminium pipes (splitted). Special alloy : 6005A.



Special constructed winch 1050W  , 230V made in Poland (not Chineese cheap product) by Drgaon Winch. This winch is specially designed for bungee 1 person because of the specifc construction.


 Bungee Cords

 We supply new units with elastic bungee cords, which we find to provide a superior bungee  experience in comparison to the latex rubber ropes sometimes used in other models.  The bungee cords are made in Germany with TUV certificated loops and give 300% expansion.

 *New for 2016* Larger swivels inox to attach to the bungee cords to help prevent twisting (occurs when jumpers do “flips”).  This will assist in preserving the lifespan of your bungee cords and save you extra work.


Included In The Price

The unit is supplied with all you need to facilitate the basic operation of the Bungee Trampolines:

 Complete construction covered with zinc

 One trampoline (4.35 m) 

 One set of bungee ropes

 One harnesses (one of available size - xs, s, m, l)

 One winch

 Aluminium poles - 4 pieces with steel cables and alpin ropes

Extra harnesses and bungee ropes or spare winches can be purchased at an additional cost.  Please contact us for the latest price and availability.  Power supply (generator and distribution box), signage, lighting, decorations and barriers not supplied.


    Power Supply

A minimum of just 1amp power supply is required to run the bungee trampolines (only the winches need power).  More power will be required if you wish to add lighting etc. to your unit.  Electricity can be supplied in the form of either “town power” or a generator. 


The trampolines should be operated by one person on normal/busy days to provide adequate Jumper supervision and to maintain good serving/rotation speed.  We recommend that a five minute session per person is a good rule of thumb, but should be adjusted according to your slow or busy periods (approximately 3 minutes per session when very busy and perhaps 10 minutes during quiet periods to keep the attraction looking dynamic).


FREE Training and 24/7 Customer Support:

You will receive an operators’ manual which will give instructions on how to assemble the bungee trampoline, instructions, hints and tips for operation of the Bungee Trampoline. You will also receive FREE customer support over the telephone or via e-mail 24/7.



 You get 24 months warranty for the device !! (except elastics and harnesses)

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